• Busi Satimburwa

Did you know?

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

We are here to tell you a few things about the NO.1 training company in the world.

We have a cheerful reputation

As we have recently celebrated Mental health awareness, we kickstart our blog by stating we have received an accolade by Career Bliss as one of the “happiest companies to work for.” This speaks well of our company culture because, in the fast pace of today’s real estate industry, stress usually causes a considerable degree of unhappiness among workers. Keller Williams Realty is doing something very right to earn this high praise within such a behemoth of a company.

We love our technology

Keller Williams invested in the latest technology to enhance the services that we provide for our clients. There are so many new innovations and programs available in the real estate market that it puts useful data and information at your fingertips.

The technology isn’t cheap and it takes a sizeable investment to implement and keep it going, but it’s a step that we willingly took. We make the most out of the new technology that is available and it’s no wonder that our clients are so impressed with us. Imagine getting answers to your questions immediately every time.

It only took us two years to become the largest firm in town.

Keller Williams grew as a company at a rapid pace. By 1985, we could boast the fact that we had become the largest single office real estate firm dealing in residential listings within the entire city of Austin. We had hired on 72 licensed agent which is far more than many new companies can sustain within a two year from establishment timeline.

One of the strategies that helped Keller and Williams to attract and keep our crew of agents was the fact that we offered profit sharing to those who were already established, and we also extended the same offer to potential agents who joined the company. It was an enticing offer and those who came on board are now wealthy because of it. This helped the company to make it through the housing crisis that struck the nation in the 1980s. We owe our success to our Keller Williams family.

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