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Everything you need to know about Mark Readings

In news that made property industry headlines. Keller Williams UK is here to tell you everything you need to know about the co-pioneer of Online Estate Agency in the UK.

As Readings prepares to settle into his new role as Operational Principal in the Essex market centre, we take a look at the legacy Readings has made on Real Estate. Founding House Network in 2003, Readings company went on to sell in excess of over 13,000 homes since its launch.

Mark Readings, OP at Keller Williams PLUS

Readings immense innovation and drive has seen him stay ahead of the Estate agency game through the changes. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that we are delighted to have partnered up with Readings.

His business philosophy echoes that of Keller Williams UK. That we should strive for transparency and utilise technology to the best of our advantage; whilst perfecting the relationship between agents and clients. As quoted by Readings himself “This is exactly what Keller Williams have been all about since they were founded in the 1980s. No one does it better or makes more money.”

With the growth of the Keller Williams UK family we aim to use his expertise and extensive data on mainstream estate agency to propel the branch in Essex into a success and solidify our mission as a company. As societal and work needs shift, Readings acknowledges the evolving climate of the industry and proclaims the need to insure as a senior member of the Keller Williams UK team a work life balance for all.

We look forward to an exciting and promising future with Readings at the Keller Williams UK family.

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