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Keller Williams UK - Agent Earnings Structure

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

How Much Can A Keller Williams UK Agent Make?

The list is pretty impressive and we have been voted Happiest Company to work for; awarded the No.1 spot for the best Training Company; one of the industry's top innovators in technology and then, there's our Agent Earnings Structure. In this post, we are addressing how our Agent Earnings Structure is a big deal and how the benefits can be a serious game-changer to your life and for those you hold dear.

Our Agent Structure Map Keller Williams UK

Let's take the diagram and break it down a little more..

... (Our Agent) has received £5,000.00 in commission.  

10% of the £5,000.00 is paid to Keller Williams Worldwide for royalties = £500.00 paid to Keller Williams leaving £4,500.00 balance.

From that £4,500 remaining, 70% (£3,150) will stay with the Agent & 30% (£1,350) goes to the Agents' market centre covering costs towards the facilities, portals and our award winning training and support network.


Once the Agent has reached their cap, they no longer pay 30% to the market centre and the Agent keeps the 90% of all sales for the remainder of the calendar year. This system allows our Agents to earn uncapped sums of money with little cost and little risk.

In most traditional real estate companies, the commission structure means that the more you earn the more you give away. However, here at Keller Williams UK, we believe that the harder you work, the more you should be rewarded. 

Now, that is impressive, right?!

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