• Busi Satimburwa

Low risk, high Gains

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

As the face of Real Estate is forever changing, many are left wondering what’s in it for me?

In an industry that is witnessing a cultural and global shift in how it operates, we are here to tell you what Keller Williams UK can do for you. In this article we break down the key points behind the Keller Williams UK philosophy to provide you with all the information you need to succeed.

Keller Williams PLUS the latest franchise to join Keller Williams UK

What makes KWUK so unique?

“Corporate companies paying minimum wage and taking 90% of the commission/income.” That’s why. 

At Keller Williams you are our biggest asset. By demonstrating why the corporate model is no longer sufficient, we hope to highlight the key difference between KWUK and other Estate Agencies. We offer you the opportunity to not only earn 63% of the commission until you reach your cap, but an additional further 90% after your cap has been reached. Seem unrealistic… Not at Keller Williams.

By putting you at the forefront of our business, you get the best exposure into the industry and company from the start. We also enable our agents to 

access marketing centres and hubs in prime locations where they receive professional training and support from high-profile figures at Keller Williams.

Value for money

The average cost of starting a UK business range from a mere £20 to an eye watering £100,000 (smallbusiness.co.uk). This doesn't insure the costs of branding, marketing, website development, insurance professional fees, premises hire not to mention necessities. Keller Williams wants to make your money stretch, we offer to cover important costs of starting a business plus added benefits for the monthly price of £185. 

For this small monthly price we take care of the fine print and small details, whilst you build the career of your dreams. As a company we want every dreamer, business savvy, tech genius to join our family and become an industry expert.

The advantage of having a low-level entry point is the accessibility we give to the individual; whether they are a beginner or highly skilled professional. We have the right support network and guidance tools for you. If you are a risk taker who wants guaranteed reward, Keller Williams UK is the place for you. This is just a small price to pay for a lifelong investment and career.

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